Blights Edge: Above and Below

October 12th, 2012 Session

"Not the celestial giant bees! Anything but the celestial giant bees!"

p. The battle between the party and the ferret-monsters continued. Archers attacked the group with arrows, and there is a mysterious magic staff in the fog (that seems capable of mind-control). Most party members took considerable amounts of damage. The unconscious dwarf woke up for a short period, only to trip and pass out once more. Uguu fell into critical condition. The captain was killed and many of his subordinates retreat. Augen healed Uguu, but Loka was entranced by the strange staff. She follows the shaman into another ship. Timeout makes a trail of webbing to lead the party to the ship. The ship takes off with Timeout and Loka.

The party is located on a cloud, fighting mysterious, armed ferret-monsters within some mist. The ferrets are lead by a high-rank figure who appears to be their captain or leader.

Loka is slashed by the short-sword of a ferret solider. Loka retreats and hides behind Koshka. The unconscious, unnamed dwarf finally wakes up and hears shouting coming from inside the mist. She is strapped into a sleeping bag upon a strange spider’s back.

The ferret captain slashes at Ssophi with a scimitar, dealing six damaging and zapping him. The captain’s back is to a solider.

The dwarf inspects the sleeping bag. The spider is attacking one of the ferret-monsters who is wearing armor. She continues to look around to see the other players currently in battle and the ferret captain and another panicking soldier.

The dwarf begins to use her dagger to cut herself out of the sleeping bag. She remains on the dagger. The dwarf is a typical entertainer with a very bardic look. Timeout, the spider, notices that the person on it’s back is moving. However, it is unable to do anything due to its engagement with the ferret. Timeout tries to keep the dwarf from falling off.

The captain gets his tail caught, and the panicked solider runs into a wall. Ssophi attacks the soldier with a club, dealing three damage. He stumbles away.

Koshka sends her giant celestial bee to attack the captain. The bee stings is reflected by the captain’s armor. Koshka uses her crossbow and hits the captain, doing four damage.

One of the soldiers attacks the bee with a short sword, slashing the bee for four damage.

Ssophi yells to the dwarf, hailing her and explaining that she is “just as confused as [the party is]”. The dwarf replies, recognizing the confusion. Timeout tries to get the dwarf off its back. Ssophi tries to flank the captain with the bee. He deals two damage.

Loka fires a magic missile at the captain and does nine damage.

The captain attacks Ssophi. Uguu was off being zen, but magically warps in by the wall. UGUU PUNCHES THE SOLIDER IN THE FACE (like a boss) and one tooth goes flying. Uguu tries to hit the solider again but misses.

Timeout has helped the dwarf get up to the top of the wall/column. She does a perception check, but can see only darkness. She continues to hide behind Timeout.

Koshka and Augen are suddenly hit with arrows, taking damage. Timeout senses something moving in the left-hand corner of the field, but it is unclear.

Augen lunges to bite the captain. Koshka’s bee attempts to attack again, but skitters off the armor of a ferret. The party is clustered around the wall/column. Koshka attacks with a long-sword to a solider, who begins to bleed. A soldier and the captain are now back-to-back and panicked. They switch to a defensive tactic.

Ssophi strikes the captain with the Club of Common Sense, but he manages to parry.

Loka yells at the party to move out of the way but holds her action. Augen attacks the captain and starches him in the face, but is hit directly and takes 13 damage. Augen also feels the zapping sensation and screams in pain. The captain tries to slash Ssophi but misses. An arrow flies by her.

The dwarf plays a song of valor and inspires everyone. Uguu attempts to attack the captain in revenge for Augen but misses. Augen retreats behind Ssophi. Everyone hears Loga’s warning scream. Everyone but Uguu retreats, because it would be “not zen” to retreat.

Koshka is attacked, but is fine. The bee is attacked. Ssophi is hit for eight damage.

The captain notices that Loka is casting a spell and warns his subordinates to move. She casts Burning Hands; Uguu, the solider, and the captain all take damage. The soldier has fainted against the wall. Another soldier attempts to run into the fray and rescue his other companion. He runs up to Uguu. Koshka tries to attack the captain, but he blocks. Her bee is dismissed.

The dying soldier continues to bleed. Ssophi charges, trips over one of the arrows, and misses completely. Timeout jumps down from the wall and wraps a cocoon around the dying soldier. He’s no longer dying.

The dwarf trips, falls, and becomes unconscious again. Loga retreats to behind a rock.

Something reaches from within the fog and attempts to hit Augen with a mysterious, blue, glowing staff. They miss and vanish back into the mist. The captain hits Koshka with his zappy scimitar for five damage. Uguu punches a soldier for seven damage, but is then hit by an arrow for six damage.

Augen drinks a potion and regains eight hit points. The soldier attacks Uguu for four damage. Koshka attacks the soldier. Ssophi drinks a Potion of Cure Light Wounds and regains nine hit points while alerting the party about an archer’s location. Timeout scurries up the top of a wall.

Loka tosses a dagger at the scout. A bunch of bugs made out of clouds pop out. The scout jumps forward, attacks Loka, and jumps back. He misses.

The captain attacks Koshka and takes ten damage. Uguu starts to chug a potion while be attacked by a soldier. Koshka parries the blow. Augen gives Koshka a potion, who recovers eight points of health. One soldier runs away. Ssophi poisons an archer. She throws a fireball at the captain, but it does not hit.

Loga nearly falls under the influence of the mysterious-glowy staff. The captain retreats while shouting orders. Timeout is attacked and takes nine damage. Uguu punches the captain for five damage. Uguu takes an arrow for six damage. Augen charges the captain. He is very badly hurt.

Augen takes two points of damage from a crossbow bolt. Ssophi the same ferret as timeout who falls unconscious from the bleeding. Loka does six damage to the staff-wielding ferret. Augen and Koshka attack the captain. He dies. Augen heals Uguu and Loka is entranced by the magical staff. Koshka falls into a net. Loka is taken to another ship. Timeout leaves a web trail for the group to follow while it chases a ferret to the ship.

Mistakes that I made:
1. Didn’t realize that, if I am to use a gender pronoun for Ssophi, it should be female. I’ll try to use “she” or “it” next time! ^^;



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