Blights Edge: Above and Below

Ssophi's Adventures in Cloudland

Ssophi’s Adventures after waking up.

Ssophi woke up in the village, long after the other party members had left, and feeling rather crabby. They went outside and spoke to Lishi, learning that the party had left without them. With no way to follow them, Ssophi spent some time teaching Lishi the Goodberry spell.

Suddenly, Lishi noticed a dirigible flying overhead, coming towards the village, and crewed by weasel-people. Ssophi used Animal Messenger to call a wren to give the Verona a piece of paper on which she drew “:) / :( ?”

The Verona circled the “?” and wrote a message asking (as Lishi translated) whether they were good or bad spirits. Ssophi replied by circling the smiley face, and drawing a crossed-out arrow for an offer of peace.

The Verona came down to parley with Ssophi, Lishi and the sky folk. Ssophi



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