Silver Dragon Bard of Majesty and Haughtiness



Bard 2
Virtuoso 1
Dragon 2

Base Stats + Saves

HP: 38STR 9-1
AC: 13DEX 121
BA: +2CON 173
For: 1INT 121
Ref: 3WIS 11
Wis: +3CHA 132

Dragon Attacks

Claw 1d6 [x2]
Bite 1d8
Cone of Fire 5d6

*In Dragon Form, +2 natural armor, +4 STR, +2 CON, -2 AC, -2 DEX

Khutit Attacks

Claw 1d4 [x2]
Cone of Fire 2d4
Longsword 1d8


Lv. 0 [3/day] Detect Magic, Summon Instrument, Ghost Sound, Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Light
Lv. 1 [3/day] Sleep, Cure Light Wounds, Comprehend Languages

Instruments: ukulele, kazoo, fiddle, marimba, cello, bassoon, baritone, necromancer bells


A roaming Helian dragon in search for one of every instrument known to dragonkind. She wishes to promote her righteous culture and knowledge through song and instruments; in essence, she is a one-dragon-band. She hordes coin to spend on new instruments (though Saya keeps track of the finances to prevent her companion from buying all the musical wonders). She has an albino peacock familiar named Chanson who occasionally does duets with her for extra coin but mostly stays away from trouble. Argente is lawful neutral and, despite her sometimes-uncaring demeanor, keeps a protective eye over her Nessian assistant.

Having fallen into league with a band of adventurers, the silver dragon bard has had her share of victories and near-fatal encounters, yet remains with the party for reasons unknown. Argente was last seen disappearing in the midst of the Fire Festival battle after striking herself with the necromancer bells, and her whereabouts are unknown.


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