A baby coatl who will do her best to be a good coatl!


Lishy’s attacking ability is negligable, but she does have venom that deals Wisdom damage.

Lishy’s Spells:

Flight Feather (Enchant a feather or two with a flight spell that can be given to others. It lasts for about 5 hours)

Vapor Teleport
(can turn herself into water vapor and reappear somewhere else)



Lishy, as she likes to call herself, is an infant Coatl serving as the guardian of a small, new village. her job is to hold the cloud together. Its all she can do for now. When she gets older, she’ll be able to do more with her cloud.

Coatls are semi-immortals under the rule of the Weather Quartet in the Cloudlands. They hold the clouds into solid form so that the mortals there can live in the clouds. Young ones, like Lishy, can handle small clouds, while elder ones or teams of coatl can handle clouds large enough to be a city.

Coatl are magical beasts, and so can cast spells, either themselves or in conjunction with a shaman.


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