1 potion of fly
1 potion of tongues
1200 gp worth of components (Iridescent metallic gears and gems)
Shocking Enchantment Stone (Lets you add the shocking enchantment when taken to an enchanter) (a Cog-gemstone that glitters a brilliant straw-yellow, even out of the light)
Axiomatic Enchantment stone (Lets you add the axiomatic enchantment when taken to an enchanter) (a red and black gemstone that shines metallically. It is very hard and surprisingly heavy)

Bound Djinni Prince in a Can… I mean gem: can summon a Djinni up to 3 times… then can choose to free it. (This gem shimmers blue and white, like clouds. Sometimes eyes can be seen, watching. You get a sense you can use it to summon something to your aid.)

2x +1 Daggers of Frost Burst (Throwable :D ) (Two light daggers of shimmering blue metal inscribed with what looks like either a landscape or a flowing pattern. The hilts are otherwise unadorned except for a shining glacier-blue crystal in the pommel. They seem well balanced and suitable for throwing)
Add spells to spellbook: Invisibility, Light, Cure Light Wounds, Ice/Water alternative to Flame Ball

Amulet of Flowing water (or bracelet): 1 to reflex save, acts as a single-charge healing belt (can heal 1d8 level damage once per day) (A rope bracelet/necklace made of some sort of silver thread holding a light blue gemstone. It is cool against your skin, refreshingly so. You feel a sense of inner peace when you hold it.)

Koshka: TAKEN
Venata, the Shield of the Verona: Heavy Steel Shield (+2+1 AC, 2 Armor Penalty, AC bonus counts against Force and Ethereal attacks. Also glows during battle cries. It has a spirit of valor bound into it.) (This shield, cobbled together from what appears to be parts of the other titan, is made of a shining red metal with a single brilliant, sun-like crystal that is at times a bright yellow and at other times a yellow green. It shines the brightest when it’s wielder is brave and gallant. )

Augen: TAKEN
Scale of Gluttony
Scale of Greed
Jeweled Spirit Horn

Scale of Gluttony
Scale of Greed
Spirit Magic Orb

Scimitar of Shocking (1d6 shocking damage)
2xx +1 Shortswords
Ornamental Shield (
2 armor)
Ruined Ornamented Breastplate (Could be repaired to a +2 breastplate
Ornamental Helmet (Very shiny)
??? gp


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