Mitraxti Zigazzi

an Interesting fiend kid


Race: * Fiend
Alignment CG
Class: Lvl 6 (Binder 3, Scout 3)
Health: 8+6+5d8= 40
AC: 10+3+1= 14

STR: 9
DEX: 16
INT: *18
*WIS: * 17
*CON: * 12
*CHA: *16

Base Attack Bonus: +4
Dagger: 1d4, 19-20
Masterwork Throwing Dagger: +1 to attack rolls, 1d4, 19-20
Shortbow: 1d6, x3

Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +4
Will: +4

Bluff: +6 +3 +2
Diplomacy: +6 +3 +2 +2
Spellcraft: +4 +4 +2
Sense Motive: +6 +3 +2
Escape Artist: +4 +3
Perception: +6 +3
Move Silently: +6 +3
Hide: +6 +3
Language: +5
Knowledge Arcana: +4 +4
Knowledge Religion: +4 +4
Knowledge History: +4 +4
Knowledge Local: +2 +4
Gather Information: +3 +4
Open Lock: +7 +3
Jump: +1
Tumble: +3 +3
Appraise: +2 +3
Concentration: +6 +1

  • Class abilities: *
    Soul Binding (1 vestige) (Manifests as willing posession ability)(Max lvl 2)
    Suppress Sign
    Pact Augumentation x1 (Pick one)
    [ +5 hit points
    Energy resistance 5 (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic)
    +1 insight bonus on saving throws
    Damage reduction 1/—
    +1 insight bonus to Armor Class
    +1 insight bonus on attack rolls
    +1 insight bonus on damage rolls
    +2 insight bonus on initiative checks ]
    Skirmish +1d6, +1ac
    Trackless Step
    Uncanny dodge
    Fast Movement 10ft

Special Abilities
20pt cold resistance
Detect Magic 30ft 4/day


Initiation: May cast Animate Dead, Command Undead, Detect Undead, and Create Undead at will as long as they have the necessary materials at hand (must get the materials.) May also Turn/rebuke/Bolster/command undead as a cleric (or similar) for half of their CL (if they do not gain the ability from another class)

Able Learner: All skills are class skills

Negotiator: +2 to diplomacy and Sense Motive

Weapon Finesse: Dex instead of Str. Bonus ???

Craft Wonderous Item ???

Available Spirits to Bind/ powers:

Comfortable Cloak+1
Ring of Sustenance

Masterwork Throwing Daggers x4
Arrows x 40

Spell Component Pouch
Theives Tools Masterwork (+2)
Disguise Kit


Flint and Steel
Ink and Pen
Paper x 20
Parchment x 10
Small Clay pot x3

Antitoxin x 1

Grave Earth (in vials) x29
Brackish Water (In vials) x19
Onyx Gem x 20


25000gp worth of gems and assorted valuables
Strange Porcelain mask
Mysterious magical ring
1 bolt of high-quality Firesilk

Pl 0 Gp 42 Sp 190 Cp 120
20gp in saleable gems


Language: Imperial, Fiendish, Goldtongue, Ghostspeak, Old Imperial, High Kwellian, Celestial Common, Xingwei, Draconic


Name: Mitraxti Zigazzi “Lucky” or “Mita”
Personality (Basic): Mitraxti is a nice enough gal. She seems fairly unremarkable and calm, a general watcher. She is also alert and observant.
Quirks: She just cant be Jaded. She has a deep affection for Torrin Macalir and for the people that have been good to her, and a strong loyalty to the Aegis… but she finds it hard to stomach some of the things that they do.
She is also a lucid dreamer, and has pulled a… very different and younger version of Torrin Macalir out of his dreams. Gorret has taught her some mild Oneiromancy, and so she is aware that he might not be the same Torrin that is her teacher.
Tactics: Mita likes to help other people, but doesn’t consider herself much of a fighter. She would rather have others fight for her.
If she has to, she will try to either play dirty, channel someone, or both. She would rather use her bow and attack from range.
Mita was born to a head priestess/enchantress of the elemental temple and an ‘associate’ of Niatha Moraven (actually a cleric of the ‘guild’ of Markus… and actually the master thief)
Mita’s life was happy, though she wasn’t actually very magically adept. At some point, her ability of channelling was recognized and she was determined to be of the Sosoeliri bloodline, a line known for the channelling ability originating, as rumor had it, from compassion. It was a rare ability, but her parents were paying for her training.
(age 6)
Then someone in the temple of the elements wanted a promotion and hired an assassin to kill Mitraxti’s mother. The assassin managed to murder her, but the father tried to intervene and kill the assassin.
Her father had once helped the goddess Niatha Moraven understand something about mortals that she had been incapable of understanding: selflessness and love, perhaps. The Goddess felt that a debt was owed that could never be repayed (he was a dreamwalker who saved the newly formed niatha moraven in the Liri nightmare)
In his dying moments, Mitraxti’s father passed the debt on to his daughter.

The assassin figured he’d killed 2/3 of the family, so why not kill the kid. As he approached though, Mitraxti suddenly reached for magic and blasted him into a wall, breaking his neck.
The truth was, she was channelling Niatha Moraven for a moment.
Orphan-by-assassin is not uncommon and she was moved into apprenticeship to an apathetic man who spent most of his time in his study.
Mita didn’t care. She went to school, kept up with her fathers contacts, and did okay by herself.
(age 8)
Then he died of a heart attack.
She was shifted to the apprenticeship of a woman who would hit her whenever she was angry, which was often. Still, she knew a lot about channelling and Mitraxti learned some measure of facts about her ability.
(Age 10)
Another apprentice, fed up with their treatment at their master’s hands, was paid money to, with a group of assassins, kill the woman. The apprentice was also a longtime rival of Mitraxti’s, and envious of her ability.
After killing the woman, the assasins and the apprentice (who convinced them that the young girl was a witness and needed to be offed) chased Mitraxti. Mita knew all sorts of ways around the city, but even she was finding herself hard pressed to evade the assassins.
Eventually she came to a dead end. She thought she would die.
Then, suddenly, everything blurred… and she awoke on the cold stone floor of Lingerpall, abducted by Eliza Mitchkopf, Aegis Recruiter.
She picked up on the whole-undeath-necromancer thing fairly quickly and became a student under Mitchkopf until her initiation.
(Still age 10)
Initiation was… painful. Her channelling ability meant that magical energy was typically drawn in, so she ended up with a huge dose of blight magic. She survived it by absorbing it into the magical ‘organ’ she had for channelling.
This ability was very rare, and noticed as she struggled through her initiation. Fortunately, she survived it. It was decided that she should be assigned to be apprenticed to an Usi-O master while undergoing her schooling. This was unprecidented, as the Straw Tribe did not usually take on apprentices not of their mysterious clan. However, they knew more- culturally at least- about similar abilities and spiritual entities.
After about a year and a half of schooling in the dorms, She was apprenticed to Lien-ang-shizu. Although he was required to allow her to travel to her classes by miniportal, he otherwise treated her as a slave, not a student. He made her do menial labor and didn’t teach her anything at all. What she learned was from her classes and her own studies, which often lasted long into the night when she was supposed to sleep.
He began beating her at some point, something he didnt do even to the poor Ragged tribe servants he kept.
Some days she would be too hurt to travel… but travel she did anyway.
Eventually, though the ragged tribe usually doesn’t have the free will to manage such a feat, one managed to tell one of her teachers about it. That teacher reported it, and it was lost in the forms. Nothing happened, nothing changed.
Then, at some point, Mitraxti had had enough.
She took demonology with Torrin Macalir and one day, an apple in hand, she approached him and told him that her master was beating her and she might not be able to come to class tomorrow.
He was furious. Masters were supposed to nurture the strengths of their apprentices to bring glory and power to the aegis. Beating them was not condusive. Masters had an obligation to their apprentices.
He went on and on, and eventually talked to Lien. And talked. And, possibly using methods that would be considered terrifying, removed Mitraxti from Lien’s care. Forcibly.
Mitraxti soon learned that she and other ‘rescued’ apprentices were in the running for being Torrin Macalir’s apprentice. Goodness, what an honor to be apprenticed to the former leader of their nation!
She didn’t care either way. She was just enjoying having her life to herself. While others in the running worked extra hard to make themselves look better than the others, backstabbing and sabotaging to get their way, she kept to herself and just did her work as she saw fit.
(12 and such)
Many of her ‘rivals’ were very angry that she was chosen over them. Some of those rivals became the sort that could be lethal.
She moved in to Macalir Calensis, Maderial’s keep, and started her apprenticeship (while attending classes when she could)
Torrin Macalir, now a spectre, gave her personalized training and explored the limits of her ability. He knew little about it himself, but soon found that it was very handy for travelling in the daytime. He expanded on that, building up her resistance to his large amount of power. He also taught her a few expansions on tricks she knew, like knife throwing and hiding and sneaking.
Before she left, he was just starting to explore the possibilities of enabling her use of some of his abilities, and the possibilities of posession.
About a year ago (13) on the anniversary of Torrin Macalir’s death, Mita was going about her own business, looking forward to eating some pilfered candy in private when she came across Grand Necromancer Maderial Macalir crying drunk in a corner. Mita would have liked to keep walking, but Mita also couldn’t ignore someone in need.
She asked Maderial what was wrong and was treated to a deluge of grief and pain. Not knowing what else to do, she gave Maderial candy and a nervous hug (she knew what Maddie was famous for) as well as a blanket. She didn’t leave her alone until Maderial fell asleep. She wasn’t sure whether she would regret it (or the warm fuzzy feeling afterwards), but she definitely wished she had just kept walking when, ever since that day, Maderial decided that- even though Mita looked like some sort of creepy kid- she wasn’t so bad.
After enduring this sketchy woman being NICE to her, Mitraxti was grateful when Torrin broached the subject of a test for her as an Aegis agent: a spy.
The goal was to, with limited funds, live in the empire for a while before returning alive, either with more money than she started out with (significantly more), a series of interesting stories, and information of the valuable, useful, or interesting sort.
He had timed it for a few weeks before the Lunus festival of fire (which Mita had really wanted to see), and she left.
She spent most of her time in Kirasanct reconnecting and scouting the city… as well as ‘making’ some money.
She travelled to Dralk to investigate the festival, where she met Mel.
And so her insane adventures began.
(still 14) she travelled with an adventuring party for a time, joining them in their bizzare quest to stop the titans. She gave them interesting avenues and even went into a tomb with them.
Unfortunately, at some point, her dream abilities acted up and she was pulled into the dream world for a sizable length of time, leaving her master, torrin macalir, to control her for that time.
She returned right as the titan Altamon awoke from its binding and destroyed the party, restarting his war against all ‘lesser beings’. Torrin pulled her out of there before she could be killed.
Melanth was resting from a frenzy he had entered into when he fought off the spectre storm he had helped to create.
(15) months later, he returned to find her trying to locate a gifted member of the group- the dragon Argente-en-Ciel.. Not wanting to go through her more easily-aquired channels, she is finding herself strapped for cash and unable to locate the dragon virtuoso. Melanth offers his help, still not knowing who he is dealing with. And so, obvously, they go to rob a bank.

Relevant Information:
Torrin Macalir’s Apprentice
Channeller- Masosoeliri→Sosoeliri bloodline (Pact of love) (Macayneliri- Pact with Dark forces → Macaliri, (Cayeliri, Cayne, Yeneliri )→ Macalir, btw)

Mitraxti Zigazzi

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